Working with NAS

    National Aerospace Services has built up a large customer base and these customers know that we supply quality personnel. We can offer licensed engineers and unlicensed personnel the best available opportunities within the aviation industry.

    We offer a choice of assignments in various locations that will best suit your needs and provide opportunities to grow and enhance your skills and experience, including military and commercial fixed-wing and rotary.

    Why should you work with NAS?

    Top Rates. Superannuation. Workcover. Insurance. Paid Weekly. Accommodation (if required). Flight/Fuel Costs (if required).

    Our Recruitment Process

    The recruitment process at NAS involves an in-depth selection and interview process, which results in allowing us to provide the best skilled person to match our clients’ requirements.

    Due to this process all applicants must send the below documentation prior to being considered for employment:

    • A detailed, current CV
    • Licences and approvals (if applicable)
    • Cert IV
    • Human Factors
    • ASIC Card
    • Trade papers
    • A copy of passport (if required)
    • Any other information that will help you with your employment

    If you are successful, you will be sent several forms requesting your bank, passport and personal details, as well as security forms which are required in order for you to work in certain locations.

    When we receive a request for personnel from our clients we then search our database for suitable candidates. If you are suitable for the placement you will be contacted either by phone, email or SMS.

    Permanent/Contractor Requirements

    • Completed Apprenticeship
    • Own tools
    • ABN number
    • Work well with permanent staff
    • Must have current visas for work in Australia (if applicable)
    • Appropriate protective clothing that abides by customers OH&S policy.

    Permanent Work

    National Aerospace Services can place you in permanent positions, if contracting is not suitable for you at this point in time, due to family commitments or other issues. On our registration page please indicate your preference for the term of contract and we will try and place you in the most suitable position.

    Contract Work

    We carry out short term and long term contract work in a variety of locations in Australia and overseas and as with permanent work we will attempt to find the best contract for you once you have stated your preference on our registration page. If you want to contract in your city or state we will attempt to place you in a contract the suits your requirements.

    Want to work with NAS?

    Then visit our Job Board or learn more about making an Expression of Interest.

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